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“A twin stick shooter about a police robot who’s in charge of destroying all its enemies, reflecting their own attacks. To do this the character has a shield, whose color he can change. The enemies shoot projectiles in 3 colors (RGB), and the robot is only able to reflect them if its shield matches this color. He also has a dash feature and a pick up which lets him choose the color of the projectiles.”

Game made for the 2019 MAD Game Jam. Developed by a team of three.

The project was really well received, but the controls are a little difficult to get used to, and the player needs to be forced to moved around more. However, this project was extremely fun to make and we are hoping to continue it in the future.

A controller is needed to play the game, sorry :(

Install instructions

Run the "GJBuild.exe". You need a controller to play, sorry about that :(


GJBuild.zip 60 MB

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