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“We are in the 22nd century and the excessive consumption of mango juice has lead to the thickening of the methane layer and the dearth of oxygen on Earth. Forced to find new means of life, mission SOSMultiXII seeks a new orchard to enjoy. Join us in this rich visual and auditory experience filled with emotion, that will leave you grasping your seat.”

Game developed for the 2018 MAD Game Jam. Made by a team of 5.

How to play:

To launch Discovery, activate its engines by pressing the take off button. After activating them, choose the launch force and direction with the mouse.

Win score points by orbiting planets with no atmosphere, but be cautious with your oxygen levels. To keep living, recover oxygen from planets with atmosphere and try to reach the mango planet in the end of the level.

Install instructions

Run the "Discovery.exe" file


DISCOVERY_v0.2.zip 29 MB

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